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HP Tuners MPVI Pro Suite - Mopar (8 credits included)

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    HP Tuners VCM MPVI Suite Pro with 8 Mopar/Dodge Credits

    Scram Speed is an Authorized Dealer for HP Tuners. We have these units in stock, ready to ship!

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    We use HP Tuners every day tuning cars on our chassis dyno. It has no equal! Tremendous performance gains are available, even for stock vehicles.
    HP Tuners VCM Suite: includes 8 credits with the purchase. This will tune up to 4 different vehicles, and you can purchase more credits any time!

    This is the unit you want. The Pro allows you to attach a wideband 02 sensor and datalog directly into the HP tuners VCM scanner! No trying to keep your eyes on a gauge. No trying to remember. See your Air Fuel Data in real time. Attachment is very easy. We recommend the AEM sensors for the best, most economical results.

    Remember: You cannot accurately or safely tune WOT operation without a wideband 02 sensor!

    About HP Tuners VCM Pro:

    The HP Tuners VCM Editor utility is a comprehensive VCM/PCM programmer and parameter editor.

    VCM Editors Flash utility allows the user to read the VCM/PCM flash memory and save it to a binary file. The Flash utility allows a valid calibration to be written to the VCM/PCM and also incorporates an automatic VCM/PCM recovery capabilities for ultimate protection against any reflashing problems that may be encountered.

    The HP Tuners VCM Editor also allows modification of the saved binary image. The VCM Editor allows all parameters such as Spark, Fuel, RPM Limits, FAN Temps, Transmission Shift points and pressures, Speedometer settings and many, many more. The editor provides an easy to use graphical interface and many powerful table manipulation capabilities such as copying, scaling and shifting to name a few.

    Where Standard vs. Pro differ is the Pro version offers stand-alone data logging that allows you to scan the car without hauling a computer along with you. The Pro version also accepts 0-5V inputs so that you can log air fuel ratio (or other information) along with your OBD2 parameters. With that said, I would seriously consider the MPVI Pro if you have (or are planning) any sort of modifications to the vehicle(s) you will be tuning as this will allow you to data log your Air Fuel Ratio etc. and display it right along with the parameters logged with HP Tuners Scanner. 

    For a full list of applications, check the HP tuners website at: 

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