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General Motors

Scram Speed is a full service dyno center. Chevy, Ford or Dodge, we can tune it!  We carry all the major brand tuning hardware: SCT, Diablosport, HP Tuners, Holley EFI,  and Megasquirt. We have the hardware and the experience to get all the power from your car or truck!

We can ship SCT, Diablosport, and Bully Dog flash tuners with Scram True Custom Tuning preinstalled. The process is simple. After purchase, we'll ask you for some information about your car. We'll craft a custom tune for your vehicle and preload it onto your tuner.

Level 1Basic, but powerful tuning. Worth 10-30 horspower over the canned tunes (depending on Application). This is for stock cars, or cars with simple mods (cat-back, cold air kit, etc).

Level 2: This is more involved tuning for cars with headers and off-road exhaust, etc. 

Level 3: This is true custom tuning for power adder cars or cars with extreme N/A mods such as big cams, high stall torque converters and the like.

Note: For Level 3 tuning, the device will be loaded with a "safe" base tune. We will require some back and forth communication and datalogging to get your tune finalized. We're here to help every step of the way.

Have Questions? Give us a call at 866-936-9610, we'll be happy to help you choose the tuning that's right for you!




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