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Chassis Dyno and Tuning

Scram Speed is proud to offer our Mustang MD500 Chassis Dyno.


Scram Speed Dyno Center

We offer tuning for HP Tuners,Holley EFI, Megasquirt, Holley Carburetors and more. We've got more than 20 years of experience, so we can get the most out of your ride. 

If you want to do your own tuning, bring your own tuning guru, or you just want to find out how much horsepower you're putting down, we can help!

 We can safely do drivability testing and tuning, speedo verification, and more!

Scram Speed has the only load-bearing dyno in mid-state Illinois! We're located in Mahomet Illinois, 5 miles west of Champaign, at the intersection of I-74 and Prairieview Road.

We do NOT defeat, disable, or remove any emissions equipment.
Don't even ask.




We do not tune, dyno, or perform any work on diesel trucks or cars.

Dyno and Tuning Rates:


  • Base horsepower pulls with 02 sensor and boost monitoring - $150 hr. (2 hour minimum).
  • HP Tuners tune on 98+ port injected GM vehicles $650 plus HP tuners credits (varies by vehicle and options)
  • HP Tuners tune on direct injected GM vehicles (where available) $850 plus HP tuners credits
  • HP Tuners tune on 2005-2014 Dodge and Chrysler vehicles $850
  • HP Tuners tune on 2015+ Dodge and Chrysler vehicles $1000 plus PCM modification and required hardware fees. Call for details.   
  • HP Tuners on engine swap vehicles is $150 hourly plus HP tuners credits. These are typically more involved than tuning on stock vehicles.
  • Holley EFI/Megasquirt tuning $150/hr. (2 hour minimum)
  • Single Carb tuning $150 hr. 
  • Anything else please call us at (217)590-0128! We do not tune diesel trucks or cars.


 Call for an appointment today!
A $200.00 non-refundable deposit is required to secure a tune appointment.
The $200 is applicable toward the cost of the tune. 


 This video details the differences between a load bearing and an inertia dyno.
We program our dyno with data for your specific model of car or truck for the most accurate results.