Scram Speed News

Holley / Hooker's new exhaust system for Gen 3 Novas is coming!
They're using our shop Nova for the prototype!

At long last 68-72 Novas will have an exhaust system designed specifically for them. No more cutting and hacking on a system designed for 1st gen F-bodies! This system will be mandrel bent, feature an X-crossover, much improved ground clearance over F-body systems, and will take the Nova's longer wheelbase into account. The systems will be available in 2.5 and 3.00.

We pulled the existing 383 small block and powerglide and hauled our shop Nova down to Holley in Bowling Green, Kentucky so they could begin fitment and prototyping. Todd O'Neill, resident Holley exhaust wizard (formerly of Bassani Exhaust) set to work. These 'in progress' pics were sent up to keep us posted on how it was going. System is pictured here is 3.00" diameter with a 6.0 LS engine, Hooker 1-7/8 LS swap headers, and a 4L60 transmission. Also pictured is Holley's slick new 4l60 crossmember and the new Holley 302-2 oil pan (very similar to a modded F-body pan). Looking good!

holley-nova.jpg underside1.jpg


No word on exactly when these systems will be avaliable, but check back soon for more information!