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Fuel Systems

Fuel systems are our specialty!


We know it's difficult and annoying to go back and forth with a mail order warehouse trying to guess what fittings you'll need for your fuel system install or upgrade. We also know that there are a lot of questions that come up during an installation. With the current trend of upgrading older cars to fuel injection, the difference between a successful project and endless frustration is a solid EFI-capable fuel system.

That's why we stock a full line of made in USA Fragola fittings, and offer our own custom fuel filters for fuel injected and carbureted installations. We also stock pumps, regulators and adapters for whatever your needs might be. We do PTFE hose also!

We also have the experience of installing countless fuel systems on a very wide variety of applications, so if you have questions, we've got answers. 

Of course we also offer installations and we can assemble custom fuel lines as well. Be sure to reach out to us when you need a fuel system upgrade.

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