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Improve Your Car’s Performance with Quality Auto Services and Parts You Can Trust

Find out how your car can achieve maximum performance with our help. If you’re looking for a speed shop in Bloomington, IL, Scram Speed is the perfect solution.

What do you need?

Whether your system has hiccups, or you simply want to replace your factory parts with custom auto upgrades, we can do that for you. Our lineup of services includes welding & fabrication services, fuel system, chassis dyno and tuning, camshaft installation, and more. If you need us to do any of these tasks or you’ve got a similar kind of upgrade or repair work in mind, talk to us. We can work out the details for you, so you pick out the parts that are going to make the most out of your car’s engine.

How can we help you?

Aside from upgrades to tune-ups and repairs, we can provide you with quality performance parts. If you want parts and components that are going to last you for a good long while, then order them from us. Our inventory of high-quality parts can provide you with the best results on the road. If you’re asking yourself: "where can I go for performance upgrades near me?" then we have you covered.

What else can we offer you?

If you need a Scram Speed facility, call us. From reliable auto services to top-notch parts, we can provide you with a hassle-free experience, from start to finish. Boost your car’s performance all with little to no fuss and stress. Talk to us about what you want and we can offer you suggestions and recommendations to help you pick the best solutions so can transform your vehicle and turn it from a normal ride to a high-performance street car.

The difference we make

Find out how your car can run much better than it does now. Get the upgrade your wheels need when you call us at Speed Scram.