Carb LSX Video uploaded

Carb LSX Video uploaded

Posted by Steve on 29th Apr 2024

We've just added part 1 of a video series on our Youtube channel, exploring the features of the MSD 6014 ignition controllers used for running a carbureted induction system on an LS engine. We cover ever feature, some gotchas and if you're considering purchasing one of these boxes or going with a carburetor on your project this video has LOADs of handy tips and FYI info.

Check it out here:

MSD 6014 All Functions explained!

We use these boxes on some of our cars, and have found them to be feature rich and easy to live with. Check out the video and let us know what you think! If you like this kind of content, please be sure to subscribe, we've got a lot more content on LS carbs coming this summer!