This time we're adding power....steering

This time we're adding power....steering

Posted by Steve on 27th Feb 2024

We had an interesting time working on this 1930s Chevy sedan. Bud wanted power steering on his LS-swapped long-time project. We didn't build the car, but he wanted to bring it to Scram to take care of this part of it. Older cars such as this 30s model are kind of a different beast than later cars. The biggest difference being that the engine comparments are extremely cramped by comparison. A solution that would work in a modern car is completely impractical in these cars. 

After some careful measurements, we installed a Billet Specialties Tru Trac LS front accessory system. It fits, works, and looks great.

We switched the manual Flaming River steering rack for a Flaming River manual unit. Unforseen complications arose here, as these cars are very narrow, even for a Mustang II style rack. Additionally, the plumbing on the manual rack interfered with the mounts the car had been constrcuted with for the manual steering. It would have been much simpler if the manual and power racks were manufactured with the same mount locations. Usually when doing this swap, you're replacing an OEM rack with the Flaming River unit, not one aftermarket unit for another.

One thing led to another, and we rebuilt the crossmember to allow for the new rack situation, mounted the reservoir , got the car aligned and presto! Night and day difference over manual steering. 

Thanks for bringing your car to us Bud!