We see some crazy stuff...

We see some crazy stuff...

Posted by Steve Moberley on 18th Jan 2024

So, periodically we share some pictures of the "exceptional" stuff that comes in from other shops. Stuff that we have to take pics or no one would believe it. Here's the latest batch. We've got fuel pumps that are glued together, pistons that were dropped but installed anyway, missing hardware but they sent it anway, busted tools left in engines, and more!

Violation of Hot Rod Rule #1 
Hot Rod Rule #1: Whatever you do, don't burn to death.

Well, its only flat on one side, I guess! Send it!

Not enough pipe? Im sure the clamp will seal it...

Page 1: It is crucial that the dowel be lined up...straight.

Rubbing is racing, I guess.

I'm sure whatever was supposed to go there wasn't important, but what's that noise about?

Free broken drill bit included with every install! Thanks but no thanks...

Pretty sure that's not what he meant when he said he wanted "roundy round" exhaust.

Now there's something you don't see every day...

How can you have that many wires and none of it works?!

Jigsaw Pretzel.